Our Work

Our work is often highly sensitive and confidential. Therefore we don’t publicise what we have done for individual clients. But we can say the following:

  • We changed the conversation about Australia’s Future Submarine;
  • We assisted a global security company navigate the media maelstrom and government inquiries following a death in custody;
  • We managed a global food recall from Australia;
  • We have helped two clients navigate inquiries by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC);
  • We worked with a law firm on a major product liability issue;
  • We assisted a CEO who was personally being blackmailed;
  • We worked with a company dealing with a matter of corporate extortion;
  • We helped change a state government’s legislation on ticketing;
  • We worked with a financial services company on aspects of the federal government’s response to the Murray Inquiry into Australia’s financial system;
  • We have managed numerous corporate governance issues;
  • We managed a sensitive issue in relation to the “Panama Papers” data breach;
  • We have assisted a number of companies during sensitive workplace agreement negotiations, corporate restructurings and downsizings.