Polls, Plebiscites and Postal Surveys: Australian Politics Explained

October 19, 2017 Alistair Nicholas 0 Comments

The Treasury bench, cross-benchers, divisions, despatch boxes, ayes that have it, and double dissolutions – or double delusions as one of our staff likes to call them – make the Australian Parliament and political system sound daunting.

Therefore we have produced a booklet that tries to simplify the Federal Parliament’s procedures and processes.

Powell Tate Australia’s team has worked successfully with the highest levels of Australian Government to assist clients to traverse complex political issues, including changing conversations and influencing the Federal Government’s policies on a range of issues such as the procurement of Australia’s Future Submarine, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme approvals, and the Corporations Act. We have also assisted companies appearing before parliamentary inquiries.

Drawing on our experience, we have produced Understanding The Australian Political Landscape to help our clients better understand and navigate the complexities of the Parliamentary process. Additionally plebiscites and postal surveys are explained.

A better understanding of our political system and parliamentary processes should result in better political engagement strategies for business. Please click here to download: Understanding The Australian Political Landscape.

If you require further information or would like to discuss your political engagement strategy with us contact Alistair Nicholas at anicholas@powelltate.com or by phone on +612-9994-4466.