“Jam Session” talks China, Trump, geopolitics, and agriculture

November 11, 2016 Alistair Nicholas 0 Comments


Powell Tate Australia's Managing Director Jacquelynne Willcox and guest speaker David Kelly of China Policy
Powell Tate Australia’s Managing Director Jacquelynne Willcox and guest speaker David Kelly of China Policy.

China policy experts David Kelly, Philippa Jones and Erlend Ek spoke today on China and the world in the wake of the surprise US presidential election result at a Powell Tate Australia “Jam Session”.

The speakers, experts at China Policy, a firm that provides China political and policy intelligence and analysis to international corporations and foreign governments, discussed China’s many contradictions. These were explained in a concept developed by Kelly of the seven nations of China. His seven Chinas were explained as follows:

  1. Self-sufficient civilisation – a nation that generates its own values and which “marches to its own drum”;
  2. Most humiliated nation – conquered and despised during the past 100 years and now reestablishing its rightful place in the world;
  3. Soveriegn survivor – a nation that desires to survive as a communist power;
  4. Leader of the developing world – a responsible developing major power that is standing up for the rights of other developing nations;
  5. Last man standing – a nation that sees the West in decline and is able to bide its time because it has “deep pockets”;
  6. Principled pluralist – a nation that sees itself as having a role to end the era of unilateral Western hegemony through its rise and balancing of the world;
  7. Herald of the high frontier – a nation that shares in and protects the global commons.

An interesting discussion ensued, which moved to Chinese investment in Australian agriculture and looked at the domestic policy concerns in China driving it.

The Jam Session was held in the Premier’s Dining Room at NSW Parliament House. Powell Tate regularly hosts Jam Sessions for executives from amongst its client companies and friends. They always cover topical subjects with insights by experts.